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ATS Teleradiology Solutions

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ATS provides 24/7/365 teleradiology coverage across subspecialties

Why Advanced Telemed Services?

Our teleradiologists services preliminary and final interpretations are highly cost effective and are designed to ensure physician satisfaction and encourage smooth workflow.

Our Board Certified radiologists provide quality reports that are timely and accurate. Advanced Telemed Services’ system facilitates the secure transfer of DICOM and HIPAA-compliant radiology images to radiology subspecialists. You can receive customized interpretations in 30 minutes or less for STAT studies.

Customized Radiology Reports

Whether your facility needs nighttime reads, daytime or overflow coverage, Advanced Telemed Services guarantees quick access to high quality, comprehensive reports. Advanced Telemed Services can even provide vacation coverage while your radiologist is out of the office. As teleradiology company, provides a customized report for each study, completed on your facility’s letterhead. We also provide all necessary credential information and malpractice insurance certificates upon request.

For convenience, our secure system can be seamlessly integrated with all modalities through our PACS. We provide best teleradiology services to each client with unlimited logins, to allow convenient access for all staff authorized to access the patient information.

ATS Teleradiology Workflow


teleradiology services provider workflow

For more information on how we can serve your business, big or small, contact us at info@advancedtelemedservices.com or call us at 855-933-3600.





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