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Telepsychiatry and Emergency Care

Telepsychiatry and Emergency Care
With the soaring rise in mental illness across the nation, more and more patients in hospital ERs and emergency care clinics require mental health care; yet most of these facilities lack a full-time psychiatrist or a mental health professional. While these set-ups can deal with physical emergencies and injuries etc, most of them lack experts to provide required psychiatric care. However, that does not stop patients from approaching these facilities for their immediate mental health needs.

Urgent care clinics make patients wait for long hours before they are treated or moved to another facility while traditional ER doctors often end up admitting psychiatric patients without a thorough assessment. Records from national Centers for Disease Control point that psychiatric patients admitted in hospitals had the longest waiting periods, extending up to 23 hours – almost 14 hours longer than other patients. The nationwide shortage of psychiatrist and increasing burden of mental health issues has unfortunately made this a common scenario across the country.

The solution is Telepsychiatry – psychiatric care delivered remotely via live interactive video-conferencing. Having a qualified psychiatrist – even if not physically present – can not only hasten proper evaluation and treatment for the patient across locations but also decrease the number of admissions.

How does it work?

Psychiatry is a field well suited for telemedicine as it typically does not require elaborate equipment except a simple video-conferencing tool. Once a clinician determines the need for a psychiatric consultation, emergency telepsychiatry consult is similar to other telemedicine consults. A qualified psychiatrist connects with the patient virtually, assesses the condition, and in consultation with the doctor on-call, devises a treatment plan.

These patients thus spend less time in the urgent care/ER, get faster access to the psychiatric care they need, often reducing the chances of being admitted to the hospital.

Doctors at emergency care clinics often lack the training, expertise and time required to treat psychiatric conditions. With the increase in demand for quality mental health care, advanced telemed services can help fill the gap by offering efficient and cost-effective telepsychiatry medicare services tailored to meet specific needs.

Expert board-certified psychiatrists and psychologists at Advanced Telemed services provide high-quality care, mental health diagnosis, and treatment.

Urgent care clinics can also partner with us to fill the need for treating such cases without having to invest in a full-time mental health expert, making any infrastructural changes or referring the patients to other facilities.

For more information on how we can serve your business, big or small, write to us on or call us on 855-933-3600

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Mental Illness Care with Telepsychiatry Service

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In the United States over 43 million people suffer from mental illness and more than half of them do not have access to treatment. A key resource for assisting those suffering from mental health issues are community health centers, which are used by nearly 25 million Americans. Access to these centers has grown rapidly from 20 million in 2010.

In 1963, the Community Mental Health Act was signed into law by John F. Kennedy. This act significantly altered the delivery of mental health services and generated a new era of behavioral health. This favored the funding of mental health centers for patients who don’t have insurance or have reduced coverage. With the passage of the act, community health centers began receiving a significant amount of federal funding, which led to an increase in the number of Medicaid patients being served. Community health centers play a key role in serving federally designated underserved areas and populations. Today there are about 1000 health centers that operate 6000 sites across America. A challenge the community health centers face is that often they are rural therefore find it hard to find a psychiatrists service to help with the needed mental health coverage.

By providing access to psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and other mental health providers, Advanced Telemed Services can help community health centers deliver outstanding care to patients in need, even in remote areas. Advanced Telemed connects with community health centers to provide excellent patient care through telepsychiatry service.

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Advanced Telemed: Your Partner in Telepsychiatry Software and Service Provider

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Psychiatry needs for all facilities, 365 days of the year

Advanced Telemed is a premier provider of telepsychiatry services and/or software for your mental health needs. It has added 4 new psychiatry facilities in the 1st week of September from large hospitals systems in the USA to crisis centers. There are 24-hour facilities which require on call as well as daytime outpatient centers. Advanced Telemed has all subspecialty psychiatrists as a part of their team from forensic psychiatrists to child psychiatrists. All of the psychiatrists are Board Certified psychiatrists with extensive experience in the field.

Advanced Telemed has expanded their offerings with their existing clients offering a telepsychiatry software with video conferencing, EMR, scheduling as well as e-prescribing. For a demo on the software, please feel free to contact on the below number or email.
Office: +1 305-957-7665
Direct : (617)909-4766

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