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Telemedicine for Critical Care

Looking at the current scenario of a global health emergency, it is evident that a sudden increase in patients and critical care requirements, shortage of doctors and nurses can be a risk to human lives. When it is about the patients who need critical care, they are always subjected to different kinds of treatments and procedures where the specialty is needed. If such cases fell short of specialists, it may lead to misfortunes. For this scenario, telemedicine is the best solution to provide critical care when the patient is remotely located. Telemedicine facilitates healthcare delivery for critical care.

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Telemedicine : Reasons for growth

Telemedicine has many facets. It is the use of remote diagnosis of patients via HIPAA compliant technology. This method allows patients to be evaluated at a distance and diagnosis provided in a timely fashion. This is utilized mostly in rural areas where subspecialties are not available or medical evaluations in urban areas are done but don’t require to be in person.

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Sleep Studies and Sleep Telemedicine Services

sleep telepsychiatry service

Sleep is a key factor in determining good health, which in turn is a barometer for a good mood. Disturbed sleep can affect us the entire next day. Sleeplessness is considered to be a high indicator of suicide in youths. It causes depression and a feeling of being low, and as a result, doesn’t allow the person to function normally. Also, increasing work stress reduces the amount and quality of sleep that people get, creating a negative cycle of unwellness.

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