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Years of Healthcare Experience Available at Your Fingertips

Advanced Telemed Services was created for the purpose of providing outstanding healthcare solutions to underserved facilities and patients. We help to reduce the cost of patient care while extending the reach of services to all patients via telemedicine

What We Do


We provide mental health services via telemedicine, allowing client facilities to deliver outstanding care to their patients, especially in locations where qualified psychiatrists might not exist.


Our highly qualified radiologists deliver fast, accurate interpretations for CT, MRI, NM, US, and x-ray studies.


We provide access to qualified sub-specialty, board certified audiologists that ensure patients are cared for quickly and professionally.


Access to qualified subspecialty Board Certified audiologists 24 hours a day


Access to qualified subspecialty Board Certified audiologists 24 hours a day


Access to qualified subspecialty Board Certified audiologists 24 hours a day

Our Framework

To ensure a consistently high level of service, we have established a proven framework that is flexible in adapting to the needs of our clients, but strong in delivering outstanding quality.

Our Goals

At Advanced Telemed Services it is our goal to improve patient care by providing universal access to the nation’s best medical resources and practitioners. We aim to provide our clients with round-the-clock service and tech support, so you know we’re here when you need us for all of your telemedicine needs.

Our Team

Nirav Dalal

Mr. Dalal has experience as a management consultant with Deloitte and as an independent consultant. In addition to his healthcare and consulting experience, Mr. Dalal has over 10 years of experience in the technology space. Mr. Dalal holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and a B.S in Computer Science from Denison University.

Alpita Shah

Ms. Shah is a serial healthcare services entrepreneur. Before founding PsychOnline LLC with Mr. Dalal she co-founded a radiology services firm with Mr. Dalal. In addition to her entrepreneurial experience, Ms. Shah has worked for KCI, a biomedical devices company, and Frost and Sullivan as a healthcare analyst. Ms. Shah holds an MBA from University of West Florida and a Bachelor of Life Sciences from India.

Scott Larsen

Mr. Larsen has worked in the telemedicine industry since 2004. Prior to joining the PsychOnline LLC team, Mr. Larsen was the VP of Sales and Marketing for Professional Radiology Solutions (PRS). At PRS he created the teleradiology services division and grew the business to include medical facilities across the United States. Mr. Larsen has also served as a technology executive. Mr. Larsen holds a B.S. degree from Brigham Young University in International Finance, with an additional major in Korean, and an MBA from Brigham Young University.