Urgent Care Clinics

Telepsychiatry Services for Urgent Care Clinics

Access to qualified subspecialty Board Certified audiologists 24 hours a day

What is a VNG?

Most urgent care clinics are not able to afford on-site the talent and training required to provide their patients with appropriate mental health support. However, that does not stop patients from approaching these facilities for their immediate mental health needs. Whether it is due to limited access to psychiatrists or because of the urgency of the case, patients are constantly seeking the right support from the physicians they see and trust.

Never Miss a Diagnosis Again!

Doctors at urgent care clinics often lack the training or the time to treat psychiatric conditions. Primary care and emergency doctors miss diagnosing symptoms of depression and anxiety. With the increase in demand for quality mental care, we at Advanced Telemed Services help fill this knowledge gap by offering to you efficient and cost-effective telemedicine services specific to a variety of mental health conditions.

Mental Health Expertise with Little Investment

With the help of our expert psychiatrists and psychologists, your urgent care clinic will be able to optimize mental health diagnosis and treatment. With no need to invest in a full-time mental health expert, or make infrastructural arrangements for the facility, your urgent care clinic will be able to fill the need for treating such cases without having to referring the patients to ERs or hospitals.

Our Service Delivery Model

Our telepsychiatry services are delivered through a secure and easy-to-use video conferencing infrastructure that can significantly enhance patient care at your urgent care clinic. By relying on our telepsychiatry services, your facility is able to avoid the high costs associated with hiring full-time or locum practitioners. Our services are especially well received by emergency clinics set up in rural parts of the country that do not always have access to the high-quality mental health facilities that are found in cities.

Why Use Our Telepsychiatry Services?

  • Access to high quality telepsychiatry hardware and software at a fraction of the cost
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Guaranteed privacy of patient information and other data exchanged between your urgent care clinic and our physicians
  • A chance to develop a cost-effective and highly efficient psychiatry department

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