Advanced Telemed is one of the nations premier Telepsychiatry Companies in the industry. The process of Telepsychiatry is where the psychiatrists see patients remotely using secure video and audio streaming software. The psychiatrist can interact with the patient through a video screen with a web camera and microphone and vice versa. Northeast North Carolina, the concept of Telepsychiary was introduced since 1992.  Advanced Telemed has expanded to providing services in North Carolina. In North Carolina, Telepsychiatry is fairly recognized as compared to other parts of the nation where Telepsychiatry, a part of Telemedicine is at its infancy. Nationwide, the spread of Telepsychiatry has been slower. Telepsychiatry companies have experienced barriers to entry. The barriers to entry are as follows:

*Patients are not aware of the technology and concept; and are concerned about their privacy. Telepsychiatry companies introduce the technology platform making the mental health facilities or hospitals and healthcare provider training before starting the session.

* Despite the success of the technology in Telepsychiatry, it is a change of traditional setup where the patient sees the physician in person; especially for elderly patients. Telepsychiatry companies such as Advanced Telemed explain the process to the mental health facilities and healthcare providers. * In select states the healthcare providers are concerned about the process and if there should be different standard of care for Telemedicine. In certain states, the Board of medicine has outlined the processes and Telepsychaitry companies have to follow those guidelines. Advanced Telemed continually updates policy to follow all the requirements for each state. * Healthcare providers are concerned about violating privacy laws, and we at Advanced Telemed take great pride and care in the processes outlined and followed through with stringent supervision by medical staff. Advanced Telemed Services is your company of choice for Telepsychiatry and Telemed services. Please contact us at 877-800-2466 for additional details.

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